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26. března 2014 v 3:41
Life in ghana After an 11 hour plane ride we finally arrived in accra, it is so different.Everyone gave us a warm welcome.It is so lively here.There are always lots of people on the street waving and smiling. The first thing we did was get measured for dresses.We then continued to explore the town.The next day we took a trip to aburi botanical gardens where we got the smell a cinnamon tree and taste the flesh of cocoa.We also walked through a tree that was hallowed out see results about Party Dresses because a parasite took over the tree. On sunday we headed toward the town of winneba.There we met our ghanaian counterparts with whom we were paired.We learned a lot about their culture and really got to know them in the short time we were together.We then took a driving tour of the rest of the city and visited a local beach.Later in the day we had a welcome reception with the chief of winneba. Yesterday we went to winneba secondary school and sat in on one of the classes.We then presented our presentation on"Protecting our environment"To the school.We proceeded to a local orphanage and gave the children gifts.The children were so happy to Bridesmaiddresses see new and friendly faces.They were very appreciative of what we gave them. Even though half the time i have no idea what day it is and over the last 3 nights i have gotten 9 total hours of sleep, this experience is turning out to be very eye opening, and i will never forget it.I know i will look back very fondly on this experience


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