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Trend files of bagalore

Bangalore is making quite a feeling on the fashion map.From classic to more experimental and leading edge, designers in the city have something for you.

Fantastic hobby what nimirta lalwani and manoviraj khosla are doing with fabric and colour, stop by collage or ffolio to add to your ralph lauren canada purchase your outfit.

Graduates of national institute of fashion technological innovation(Nift), Delhi, Wife and husband Jason Cheriyan and Anshu Arora work well together in so many ways.They've created a lifestyle that enablesthem to travel and interact with craftsmen.It gives them an opportunity play with fabrics and space.Their designs are born of natural cloths, where most tasks are done by hand, and are meant for people intrigued by artistically designed clothes.Their work also heavily targets on colour. "India concerns colour, says jerr.And appears good on indian skin tones, he offers.

The designers are renowned for their printed silk jackets and polo ralph lauren canada dresses in bright colours for women.Their work reflects in how they have done up their store.Pretty small shop near raintree in bangalore, and you feel that you may have entered a child's room.

The walls are brushed bright, there are large colourful boxes on to the ground that could double up cheap ralph lauren as a jungle gym.And there is odd brica brac like a small compared to usual ironing board and iron, which would keep a child curious long.

Model comes from everywhere.Their last collection took it's origin from everyday objects like a pair of scissors.A year ago they also started a youngster's line. "It gave us the space to be fresh, reports anshu.The line even had interactive elements like puzzles to understand all the.

Manoviraj khosla at his facilities

Classy punk:Manoviraj khosla ralph lauren canada online

Manoviraj khosla grew up heavily influenced by the british punk movement. "I constantly had a great love for clothes and an outlandish sense of dressing, he tells,"My mother also seen clothes well and had a great sense of design.She was very helping of my career choice, a graduate of yank college in london, using the his label in the city in 1990.

Khosla started with menswear and consequently ventured into women's wear. "The trend of a man 'dressing up' hasn't quite caught on yet like it has under western culture, in his guidance, saif ali khan and david beckham have the idea down pat though.For his designs he findings with stitch details;With options like texturising and pleating;And assures, lashes and plain colours. "I love to reinvent clothes, he states.

A dinner jacket doesn't invariably have to be worn only one way, he talks of. "It isn't just formal wear.They even make it on shorts, or on tight pants or skirts.The jacket is the actual shirt, for this he may indeed alter length of lapels, try new control keys, and make a jacket longer or shorter.

Khosla is someone you can call a fun designer.Or at least obviously this 44 year old designer greatly enjoys his work.And when his designs are being highlighted on the ramp, he finds it hard in which to stay his seat, and likes to groove with the models.

"You have to watch out for what you're designing and for whom.They can carry it well, he admits that.Some of his favourite builders are helmut lang, yohji yamamoto together with rohit bal;And in addition burberry, prada and gucci are among his indicated brands.He loves shopping in london because there is something for everyone there. "Take part in always buy brands.It just has to be nutrients, he admits that.

Fashion leader:Harathi reddy rebello

Harathi reddy rebello manages to excel in the ruthless world of real estate while imitating she just stepped off the ramp.She does it amid a jet set schedule and by herself terms.

"Fashion is fun truthfulness stay true to yourself, states.For do the job, she usually picks a white shirt and dark slacks, many of that can come from brands like calvin klein and donna karan new york.

Rebello swears by pants, clothing accessories and gowns by rakesh agarwal, and in addition flaunts outfits by anamika khanna, rohit bal and as a consequence namrata joshipura.Among crucial brands, bcbg, lamb by gwen stefani and dresses by victoria beckham's fashion line help her"Though absolutely nothing is sexier than herve leger, the favourite otufit in their closet is an lbd by jean paul gaultier.What's caught her fancy at this moment is a recently acquired black bag by christian dior.

Silk circuit:Nimirta lalwani

Nimirta lalwani is moving red carpet gowns to the indian woman.A size zero very little, she says her designs are considered unsuitable only for super skinny women.Fits are altered to define best body parts, states.

Largely by having a muted palette charcoals, greens, navies, nudes she creates dramatic flowing clothing in silk.She is empowered by the classic designs of 20s to 40s.Lalwani moves to art deco, architecture of that time to result in designs.She plays with embelleshment and pleats, applique and flared works.

But now she's trying something completely new for her label.Could launch her first indian line in mid october this year.With efforts in wool and thread work, this package includes easy to wear silhouettes with layering.

Her own style essentials include a grey blue jumpsuit that she purchased in a street shop in hong kong. "It works aquatic treadmill, states.Else, she's a very jeans and tee shirt person, she confesses to provide a big fan of rohit bal, lanvin and the ready to wear string by vera wang.

Earth attachment:Deepika govind

Deepika govind is bangalore's star designer brand for women's wear.She mostly works with earthy colours signifies a plenty of greens, cleveland brown colours, blues and breaks of red.Combining fun and sober, form the body for every age at her store.She enjoys mixing elements and fabrics so you'll patchwork and layering in her designs.

Govind is renowned for her bottom wear designs which have lots of fabric and pleats.Could possibly be inspired by the sari and dhoti.She's also a fan of bumpy fabrics.One of her notable ranges were stoles made of eri and muga silk.This fabric has a natural gold colour and is rooted in northeast indian weaving customs.

To make govind, constructing is a science, which needs a lot of examine. "I travel to different areas, states. "I see weavers, discovering new fabrics and methods, she wants to present heritage textile in a more traditional manner and believes in innovation and evolution on the canvas.

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